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  • 3,500.00৳ 

    Unique high quality bezels, the gold bezel in combination with the skull design has a chic and unique look, providing a sense of luxury.

    The set includes:

    – Brush for blending 

    – Eyeshadow brush

    – Pencil brush

    – Eyeshadow brush

    – Angled eyeshadow brush

    – Shader brush

    – Smudge brush

    – Angled brow brush

    – Lip brush

    – Eyeliner brush

  • 3,900.00৳ 
    Morphe 2 Sweep Life 4 Piece Brush Collection + Bag helps you create a fresh, full-face look so you can take on the world. Sweep, buff, and blend your way to a naturally glam time.

    The set includes:- Complexion Brush: The angled, synthetic bristles help you apply the perfect amount of the Hint Hint Skin Tint or your other fave liquid foundation for buildable, natural coverage.

    – Ultimate Packing Brush: This lil’ brush is big on application thanks to the rounded, synthetic bristles that pack and layer the Jelly Eye Shimmer to your desired level of sparkle.

    – Rounded Blush Brush: Cheek out this tapered, synthetic brush for buildable application of the Wondertint Cheek & Lip Mousse or any other of your bestie blushes.

    – Universal Highlighting Brush: This will be your fave highlighter brush thanks to the soft, tapered bristles that apply product like a dream so you can glow and go in just one swipe.

  • 8,000.00৳ 

    Morphe Babe Faves Face – 10-Piece Brush + Sponge Collection is a great value brush set with 10 must-have beauty tools – 9 face brushes and a makeup sponge. If you’re looking for complexion perfection, you’ve come to the right place.

    The set includes:

    – M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush (synthetic) – Buff a move with everyone’s fave brush. The foundation of a filter-free complexion is now in your hands.

    – M527 Deluxe Pointed Powder Brush (natural) – More is more when it comes to this deluxe bronzer brush, faux real.

    – M536 Under Eye Bullet Brush (synthetic) – Get on top of your concealer game with this precise, rounded blender brush that softly and seamlessly smooths things over.

    – M224 Oval Camouflage Brush (synthetic) – Everything from full-on concealing power to prepping for your killer contour and highlighter, this brush is full of major tricks.

    – M173 Mini Buffer Brush (synthetic) – This mini magician can handle all the tough, hard-to-reach spots and even tackle under-eye application issues.

    – M523 Tapered Powder Brush (natural & synthetic) – A tapered brush that holds super powers for your super powders.

    – E4 Angled Contour Brush (synthetic) – This is how perfectly blended contour happens.

    – M510 Pro Round Blender Brush (natural) – Call off the search for the perfect highlighter brush.

    – M451 Detailed Highlighter Brush (synthetic) – Hit all the highlights with this brush for diffusing and seamless blending.

    – Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge (latex free) – The chiseled edge delivers the ultimate control for contouring, highlighting, and baking.

  • 4,200.00৳ 

    These brushes will become your best friends with their luxurious natural and synthetic bristles and ultra glamorous rose gold finish. Plus, with sleek mini handles and a sleek little cylinder case, these brushes shine everywhere, just like you. You will be friends for the skin.

    The set includes:

    – Cone-shaped Powder Brush (Synthetic): A cone-tipped brush for large, flawless brushstrokes of powder or for a precise application of blush or bronzer.

    – Angled Blush Brush (Natural): Elevate your blush look and get that perfect color swipe with these super soft, oblique brushes.

    – Flat Foundation Brush (Natural): Streak-free coverage, a flawless finish and bristles that don’t waste a single drop of product? Yes, yes and yes.

    – Small Eyeshadow Brush (Natural): Apply color exactly where you want it (and nowhere else) with this eyeshadow brush.

    – Soft Oval Brush (Natural): Apply color with this flat, soft brush for an attention-grabbing buildable pigment.

    – Pointed Crease Brush (Synthetic): The soft, fine bristles and tapered tip allow you to apply and blend pigments to perfection.

    – Angled Chisel Brush (Natural): This angled eyeshadow brush is made to blend pigments to perfection.

    – Small cylinder case

  • -5% Off
    4,000.00৳  4,200.00৳ 

    From base application to shades and more, when you get your hands on these 12 must-have brushes, you’ll never want to let go.

    The set includes:

    – Large (Natural) Soft Eyeshadow Brush  : Create a dreamy highlighter on your browbone or upper cheekbones with this soft, round brush.

    – Smudge Brush  (Natural): This perfectly soft, round brush is ideal for blending.

    – Pointed Blending Brush  (Natural): Blend eyeshadow or soften harsh lines with this soft pointed brush that gives you control over how you blend.

    – Semi-Stiff Blending Brush  (Natural): This soft yet stiff multi-purpose brush makes it easy to blend into the crease of the eyelid. Use the flat side to keep the different shades or blend the rules with the full tip.

    – Small Chisel Brush  (Natural): This little wonder allows you to define and sculpt the most detailed eyeshadows with perfect precision and to add color on the eyelid.

    – Smudge Brush  (Natural): Smudge your eyeliner or create a really hot smoky eye. Whatever effect you choose, this brush will be your new best friend.

    – Pointed Crease Brush  (Synthetic): The soft, fine bristles and cone tip allow you to apply color exactly where you want.

    – Precision Crease Brush  (Synthetic): This stiff, cone-tipped brush is a great choice for detailing. It will be your favorite for a defined cut crease, for blending and for applying color on the inner corner of the eye or for the outer “V”.

    – Concealer Brush  (Synthetic): This flat brush applies concealer to perfection to hide imperfections and blend it flawlessly with the rest of your makeup.

    – Flat Eyeliner Brush  (Synthetic): Use this brush to define or polish your lash line for a totally captivating look.

    – Detail Eyeliner Brush  (Synthetic): Create the sharpest and most detailed lines with this super-fine, super-fine brush.

    – Oblique Brow Brush / Pipe Cleaner  (Synthetic): Create soft, natural brows with the slanted end and keep your brows tidy with the brush. Double victory.

    – Imitation leather case with zip

  • 2,300.00৳ 

    These are just the four natural and synthetic eye brushes you need to create sensational looks. Try them with a good puree.

    The set includes:

    – Oval (synthetic) eyeshadow brush – The only limitation of this thick brush that applies color and blurs the edges is the eye.

    – Stiff Pro Eyelid Crease Brush (Natural) – A blending brush has a round head, perfect for flawless transitions and stunning creations.

    – Mini cone-tipped blending brush (natural) – Small but powerful, this cone-tipped brush is perfect for controlled blending.

    – Angled Eyeliner Brush (Synthetic) – Amplify your sensual look with this thin, stiff brush for perfect eyeliner application.

  • 4,000.00৳ 

    Leave them awestruck with Morphe’s Eye Stunners 6 Piece Brush Collection, a collection of ride-or-die eye brushes. From cut creases to bomb blends, these babes will take your artistry to head-turning heights.

    The set includes:

    – Oval Shadow Brush: Pack it in with this thick shadow brush for vivid color with buffed-out edges.

    – Crease Fluff Brush: Blend it out, crease and thanks. This fluff brush is perf for working your crease for precise color placement and bomb blends.

    – Deluxe Blender Brush: Make blends meet with this domed brush for effortless transitions that make for a multi-dimensional look.

    – Pencil Crease Brush: This itty-bitty brush brings a big impact for a well-defined crease, a poppin’ inner corner, and everywhere in between.

    – Bent Liner Brush: For when the angle’s just right. You’re in control with this bent liner brush that loves to create fine lines.

    – Angle Liner/Spoolie Brush: The dream team has arrived. Fill in those brows with the liner brush and then flip to groom with the spoolie. It’s a match made in makeup heaven.

    –  Small Black Bag

  • -10% Off
    19,000.00৳  21,000.00৳ 

    MORPHE X JAMES CHARLES Unleash the makeup artist in you…

    All the brushes you need for every step of your makeup routine, plus duplicates of the ones you will use most. James Charles has curated this collection of 34 eye and face brushes, plus a sponge and a custom cylinder case. It truly is the ultimate collection to create any look you can imagine.

    The set includes:

    – Custom Cylinder Case  – This black cylinder case is perfect to put on your makeup table or to take your brushes with you when on the go.

    – Highlighter and Contour  Sponge – This sponge has a soft and supple texture when used wet and gives the foundation that airbrushed look.

    – M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush  – The best foundation brush in the world. It is the secret to a flawless complexion, achieved quickly and without the need for filters.

    – E48 Mini Pointed Powder  Brush – An extremely versatile mini brush for applying powder to the area under the eye.

    – M527 Deluxe Pointed Powder Brush  – More is more when it comes to this deluxe bronzer brush. Realistically false.

    – M405 Blush and Contour Brush  – Your cheeks will love this oblique gem that offers a perfect pop of color and defines your cheekbones.

    – E62 Oblique Nose Contour Brush  – If you live for a thin nose, this oblique brush is perfect for applying and blending.

    – E4 Angled Contour Brush  – Apply a light coat of blush or pick up a large amount of pigment for a drag look with this soft angled brush.

    – M501 Pro Pointed Blending Brush  – Highlight your strengths with this super precise highlighter brush.

    – M410 Flat Concealer Brush  – This high quality flat concealer brush is amazing for applying concealer.

    – M173 Mini Buffer Brush  – This little wizard handles hard-to-reach spots and blends powder to prepare for eyeshadow application.

    – M224 Oval Camouflage Brush X 2  – Perfect for any task from applying concealer to cut crease, this brush is full of tricks.

    – M431 crease X 2 Precision Pencil Brush  – This natural tipped brush is a favorite for nose tip highlighting or inner corners.

    – M158 Oblique Eyeliner Brush / Pipe Cleaner  – The perfect pair for an intense look with fabulous lashes and brows.

    – M441 Pro Stiff Brush for Blending the Eyelid Crease X 3  – This popular blending brush has a round brush head, perfect for flawless transitions.

    – M433 Pro Semi-Stiff Brush for X 3 blending  – Finally, a semi- stiff brush to make it easier to blend the crease of the eyelid.

    – M456 Mini Stiff Blending Brush X 3 – This small brush is great for detail blending and for Morphe babe with smaller eyes.

    – M166 Oval Eyeshadow Brush X 2  – This perfectly shaped oval brush manages outward and inward color placement and adds pigment after cut crease.

    – M124 Stiff Eyeshadow Brush X 2  – This natural stiff brush is perfect for applying highlighter to the brow bone or adding color to a sunset eyeshadow.

    – M506 Mini Smudge Brush with Cone Tip X 2  – This small but powerful cone tip brush is great for a controlled blending of the outer V.

    – M152 Medium Chisel Brush X 2  – This soft brush is a star in blending eyeshadow on the lower lid.

    – M250-1 Detail Eyeliner Brush X 2  – If you love good gel eyeliner, this synthetic brush gives you total control.

  • 24,000.00৳ 

    MORPHE X JACLYN HILL  knows how to make a perfect move. Our Morphe Babe boss has created this custom collection to help you master any look and do it in style.

    The set includes 24 Brushes:

    – JH01 – Powder brush  (synthetic)

    – JH02 – Bronzer brush  (natural)

    – JH03 – Ride-or-Die foundation brush  (synthetic)

    – JH04 – Blush brush  (synthetic)

    – JH05 – Perfect contouring brush  (natural)

    – JH06 – My Everything brush  (natural)

    – JH07 – Brush for powder on the lower lid  (synthetic)

    – JH08 – Anything Creamy Brush (synthetic)

    – JH09 – Glow Baby Glow Brush  (natural)

    – JH10 – Snatch Your Edges Brush  (synthetic)

    – JH30 – Beast Mode blending brush  (natural)

    – JH31 – Soft (natural) blending brush

    – JH32 – Smudge brush for transitions  (natural)

    – JH33 – Universal blending brush  (natural)

    – JH34 – Carve Your Crease Brush  (natural)

    – JH35 – Upper eyelid crease brush  (natural)

    – JH36 – Buffer brush for eyes  (natural)

    – JH37 – Smudge Buffer Brush  (natural)

    – JH38 – Perfect Pencil Brush  (natural)

    – JH39 – Inner Eye Corner Highlighter Brush  (Synthetic)

    – JH40 – Precision smudge brush  (natural)

    – JH41 – All Over Lid brush  (mix of natural and synthetic bristles)

    – JH42 – Highlighter brush for the brow bone  (natural)

    – JH43 – Smudge Eyeliner Brush  (synthetic)

    – Main case


  • -11% Off
    6,200.00৳  7,000.00৳ 

    Do you want to blow away the thoughts? These super soft natural and synthetic face and eye brushes are housed in a stylish little cylinder case, so you have everything you need close at hand for glamorous style wherever you go.


    The set includes:

    – Angled Eyeliner Brush (Synthetic): Choose a detail-oriented brush, made for drawing bold strokes.

    – Lip Brush (Synthetic): Apply color without worrying about coming out of the edges.

    – Flat Eyeshadow Brush (Natural): Collect pigment with this classic flat brush.

    – Concealer Brush (Natural): You no longer need filters, this little brush can cover any imperfections.

    – Angled Eyeshadow Brush (Natural): The ultimate brush for defined eyeshadows and noticeable contrasts.

    – Blending Brush (Natural): From polishing eyeshadow to applying layers of highlighter, this blending brush is truly multi-purpose.

    – Soft Detail Eyeshadow Brush (Natural): A brush for precision work, from cut crease to inner corners and everything else.

    – Coarse Eyeshadow Brush (Natural): Collect, dab, blend and repeat with this versatile, must-have eyeshadow brush.

    – Soft Blending Brush (Natural): The hunt for effortlessly diffused and skillfully blended eyeshadow is over with this soft little miracle.

    – Blush Brush (Natural): Add color to the cheeks for a blush that will blow everyone away.

    – Flat Foundation Brush (Synthetic): A streak-free coverage, a flawless finish and bristles that don’t waste a single drop of product? Yes, yes and yes.

    – Powder Brush (Natural): Cover large areas with the new best friend of powder (and don’t worry: it works with both pressed and powdered powders).

    – Small cylinder case

  • -24% Off
    3,800.00৳  5,000.00৳ 

    MORPHE X NIKITA These 7 special synthetic brushes are the ultimate metamorphic option for creating ANY fantasy. All eyes will be on you with this alluring set of eye brushes with matte black handles and purple chrome ferrules. Prepare your turn, babe.

    The set includes:

    – N1 Firm Packer Brush – This brush knows how to apply color to each creation.

    – N2 Oval Shading Brush – Applying a large amount of eyeshadow has never been easier thanks to this revolutionary brush.

    – N3 Crease Blending Brush – A cone-tipped brush to highlight your gorgeous eyelid crease.

    – N4 Blending Fluff Brush – Make the most of this soft yet stiff brush that blends great.

    – N5 Tapered Blending Brush – Blending is the coolest thing with this thick, cone-tipped brush.

    – N6 Bullet Crease Brush – Nobody loves bold makeup like Nikita, or like this brush for precise color placement.

    – N7 Double-Ended Liner and Spoolie Brush – The synergy of this brush with 2 ends will make your look more captivating than ever.


    These 7 transforming brushes will help you create your fantasy and free the Dragun in you! -xo Nikita

    Type of bristles : synthetic