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  • 1,000.00৳ 

    KIKO professional eyebrow tweezers.

    Precise and durable over time. Extremely flexible.

  • 1,300.00৳ 

    KIKO soft brush with double synthetic bristles for complete and deep facial cleansing.

    A professional accessory designed to enhance the performance of foaming detergents.

    Thanks to the flexible synthetic bristles associated with special silicone pads, Cleansing Face Brush eliminates impurities and massages the skin, stimulating its microcirculation and its natural renewal.

  • 700.00৳ 

    The soft and porous surface allows you to effectively remove traces of makeup and mask residues, while carrying out an effective exfoliating massage.

    Set contains 2 natural cellulose sponges.

  • 1,600.00৳ 

    KIKO Double mirror with real and enlarged reflection. Elegant and compact, it is perfect to always carry with you, thanks also to the practical velvet pouch that holds it.

    The mirror is characterized by a pack with a refined and modern design.

  • 620.00৳ 

    KIKO sponge for fluid, cream and compact powder products.

  • 1,200.00৳ 

    KIKO sponges kit for applying foundation, highlighters and concealers for a professional application. Comfortable and extremely versatile, they are perfect for creating a complete look, from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

    Kit contains:

    – Drop sponge
    – Dhourglass sponge
    – Sponge with flat side

  • 1,380.00৳ 

    KIKO Mini foundation sponges and drop concealers in a special 4-piece kit. Comfortable and resistant, they are ideal for everyday use.

    – The special teardrop shape makes the product highly functional:

    – The rounded side guarantees a homogeneous and streak-free application, with a precise definition of volumes and a uniform finish;
    – The pointed side facilitates application even in hard-to-reach areas, such as the eye contour and the corners of the nose.

    – The particular porosity allows to take the right amount of texture, for an impeccable and waste-free result. The soft texture to the touch guarantees a pleasant and effective use.

  • 1,000.00৳ 

    KIKO professional stainless steel tweezers with ultra-pointed tip specific for ingrown hairs.

    A high-precision professional tool that allows you to radically extract even the thinnest hairs and under the skin, without breaking them.

  • 1,100.00৳ 

    The application is quick and easy, perfect even for those with limited time. The finish is homogeneous with any type of foundation, both fluid and cast. The particular pointed end is shaped to reach the most difficult parts of the face and cover small imperfections, while the special concave shape is suitable for drawing the contours of the face. The rounded sides are ideal for spreading the foundation evenly over the rest of the face.

    The flat side allows you to:

    – Apply foundation and concealer in the most difficult areas of the face, such as corners of the nose, lip contour, eyebrow

    – Cover localized skin imperfections with naturalness and precision

    – Apply liquid and cream blushes

    – Create a graphic look and outline the edges of the eye make-up

    – Easily define the nose and cheekbones;

    – Apply liquid and cream highlighters


    The concave side allows you to:

    – Easily spread the foundation around the contours of the face, such as chin, mandibular extremities, cheekbones

    – Apply liquid and cream blushes

    – Easily define the cheekbones and jaw

    – Have an ergonomic grip to use the flat side of the sponge

    The rounded side allows you to:

    – Easily spread the foundation on the larger areas of the face, such as the forehead and cheeks

    – Obtain a homogeneous and professional base in a few steps

    – Apply liquid and cream blushes;

    – Easily define the forehead and jaw

  • 1,000.00৳ 

    KIKO professional eyebrow tweezers with combo.

    Practical and precise, it is equipped with a functional comb with synthetic bristles to organize the eyebrows. Resistant and long-lasting, it is the essential accessory for daily eyebrow care.

  • 1,000.00৳ 

    KIKO professional ultra-pointed eyebrow tweezers, specific for extracting ingrown hairs.

    It allows you to precisely extract even the thinnest hairs and under the skin, without breaking them.

    Resistant and long-lasting, it is an indispensable accessory for daily eyebrow care.