• What payment methods are available?

We offer cash on delivery and advance payment (Depends on the fact.)

  • Is there a minimum expense required for free shipment?

The minimum order spend is 2000BDT for free shipment…

  • Can I cancel an order?

If you have placed an order through your account, you can cancel it within 72 hours …

  • How can I place an order?

Placing an order is very simple: Select the products you want to buy …

  • Is it possible to change an order or its delivery address?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make changes to an order. Once confirmed …

  • I have not received the order confirmation!

After placing an order online, you will receive a confirmation only at the e-mail address …


Not Available, Will be soon…


  • Shipping delays!

For delay of your order directly contact in our Facebook page or send Mail us here

  • Delivery delay!

Sorry for the delay! Our team and our couriers work with steps …

  • Missing items in my order!

If you have placed a order and think you have received an incorrect or different product than the one you ordered, contact customer service Facebook Page or mail us here and solve the problem. We will ask you for several details about the problem…

  • Which cities can I ship to?

Every cities of Bangladesh…

  • My order shows a delivery attempt. What does it mean?

If the courier has made a delivery attempt that was unsuccessful, it will usually retry delivery. For more details, take a look below:

The courier notifies the arrival of the goods at the point by phone or sms. The goods remain available for collection for 14 days, after which the goods are returned. And if you live in an apartment building with a concierge service, check to see if the package is at the concierge

  • What are the shipping methods?

We offer 2 types of shipping. Express and standard. Just choose the option …

  • My order is delivered but I have not received any packages!

We’re sorry your order hasn’t arrived yet. Please check first …

  • Is it necessary to sign on delivery?

Yes, to make sure you have delivered it to the correct recipient, we ask for a signature upon delivery …


  • My order is damaged!

We are sorry that the order is damaged! Immediately knock in our Facebook page or Mail us here for help…

  • My refund is overdue. What can I do?

We are sorry that your refund is late. For more information contact to our Facebook page or Mail us here for help…


  • How can cosmetic products be used safely?

To use cosmetics safely, please follow some guidelines:

  1. Always wash your hands thoroughly before starting to apply cosmetics.
  2. Make sure that all applicators are clean before using them: it is correct to wash brushes and sponges at least once a week and replace them when deteriorated.
  3. Each cosmetic product is dedicated to personal use: sharing products can lead to the transmission of infections. Also pay attention in the shop: you can try our products using the testers available with clean applicators or on the back of the hand.
  4. Always close containers well immediately after use.
  5. Keep cosmetic products away from heat sources and direct sunlight, which can reduce the capacity of action of preservatives.
  6. Do not leave cosmetics in the car, the external temperatures could compromise the integrity of the product.
  7. Do not use cosmetics in case of conjunctivitis.
  8. Remove products from the skin when it is suspected that they have caused irritation of any kind.
  9. Never add water or other thinners to a cosmetic, unless the label expressly provides for it. The addition of ingredients not indicated could compromise the stability of the product.
  10. Do not add acetone or other solvents to the glazes as it can cause separation of the formulation or unknown reactions.
  11. Dispose of the products if the colour, texture or scent changes.
  12. Avoid applying products not suitable for this use to the eye area.
  13. Attention during the application of mascara: a careless use could lead to scratches of the cornea caused by the brush. The use of mascara should take place in a quiet moment avoiding the application in the car, bus, train, plane …
  14. It is important to remove make-up before going to sleep proper cleaning of the face and eyes is essential to prevent itching and redness caused by incorrect use of the product.
  • How are cosmetics stored?

Cosmetics are products designed and manufactured to last the time necessary for effective and safe use. Their “durability”, before and after opening, is in fact verified through specific tests.

To ensure the correct storage of your cosmetic products, we recommend that you follow these simple instructions:

Always read the label: pay attention to the precautions for use and storage of the product.

Write on the container the date you opened the product and respect the expiration or the maximum period of safe use after opening.

Do not leave cosmetics in direct sunlight, near heat sources or in too hot environments: better in cool and dry places.

Do not store cosmetics in dirty and dusty environments.

Use sunscreen products for one season only.

Do not dilute or mix cosmetics with other products, unless expressly stated in the instructions.

  • Are products safe for pregnant and post-pregnancy women?

The state of pregnancy and post pregnancy makes the skin more sensitive and delicate. This does not mean giving up makeup or skin care products: just carefully choose the products to use according to the new needs of your skin.

If in doubt, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

  • Are products safe?

Jacks &Rosem has always carried out a serious and essential commitment: to guarantee the highest levels of quality, safety and efficacy of every single product starting from all the ingredients used. All products are developed in compliance with European and US cosmetic regulations.

We are able to guarantee the safety and efficacy of its products.


  • How can I close my account?

We are sorry to see you leave! Please forward your request to our customer service via message in Facebook page or Mail us here

  • Problems on the site / error codes!

We are sorry that you are having problems with the site. Try to remove the cookies …

  • How can I contact the online customer service?

If you haven’t found the answer to your questions in the FAQ section, click here()…

  • I forgot the password!

Don’t worry, creating a new password is easy: Click Forgotten …

  • How can I change my account information?

To manage your personal information, log into your account and enter the “My Account” section of your personal profile. Select the information you want to change. Don’t forget to save the updated information before signing out …

  • I want to leave a review on a product!

We can’t wait to hear what you think about our products! To leave a review on our products, log in with your account and visit the page of the product you want to review. At the bottom of the page, you will find the option that allows you to leave a review. Thanks for the feedback!


  • What are the Customer Care opening hours?

Would you like to talk to one of our collaborators? Our team is at your disposal from Monday to Saturday, from 16:00 to 19:00 BD TIME.

To speak to a member of our team, use this comment “CALL ME BACK” and send this to our Facebook page or Mail us here.